Simple mathematical Statistics for gamblers

All gambling, for example, playing cards, table games, poker, slots, roulette, are set up according to some mathematical law, so that in the long run the casino wins (house edge). In spite of that, players and serious gamblers spend a lot of money in the belief that they can win. The probability that a given round may be a win can be calculated and is known by the house. Professional gamblers and other serious players develop patterns of behavior and even theories that range from superstition to true mathematics.

Can Statistics, a branch of mathematics be useful to casino players?

The answer to the above question is Yes!

Statistics books are used in teaching college students in mathematics and all social and natural sciences. These books are not easy to read, and typically require a year of college mathematics as a prerequisite. Even books that boast to be accessible even for dummies contain formulas that would intimidate most gamblers. Among these books I single out one, Statistics: Concepts and Examples, for being the simplest and at the same time covering elementary and advanced Statistics. It develops the concept of Standard Deviation, a very useful concept in gambling, by telling funny stories! In a similar manner, telling funny stories and examples, it covers all statistical tests that scientists use to determine the probability that an event will or will not occur.

This book is written for college students and researchers. You may wonder, “ what do I, a casino player / gambler have to do with scientific research?” Researchers and gamblers need to know the probability of the occurrence or non occurrence of an event.

This book does not give you advice on how to play. However, it will contribute to the refinement of you thinking regarding gambling and the modification of your behavior during a game. More talented players will get insights and plan more profitable gambling strategies.


first time I understood probability. The first part of the book is useful, then it is for researchers I think

I bought this in June for college, yes it helped me design better strategic plans in gambling.

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